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Products that we are no longer carrying and why.

Posted by Steven Bridge on Nov 12th 2017

In the past we used to carry a lot of brands, mostly direct imported from Europe and Asia. Today, we have streamlined our operation to work closely with some of these companies based here in the USA.

Below is a listing of items, that I have seen customer searches for, that we no longer carry and in some cases why.

Sitram Cookware:

We used to offer the entire product line up until Frieling no longer offered it. At the same time, Sitram's flagship product Catering went through a design change, and the company no longer offered the Stainless Steel - Copper - Stainless Steel sandwich on the bottom of their pans. We offered this configuration for over 50 years, and when Sitram France decided to do away with it, we made a decision to end our relationship with Sitram. It wasn't an easy choice, but after we saw what the pricing and warranty structure was like with their new lines, we found that Paderno of Italy offered better quality at a better price.

Mauviel Cookware and Bakeware:

Bridge Kitchenware had an awesome direct import relationship with Mauviel of France, Together my father Fred Bridge and the engineers would work on new designs across their cookware line. When their Brass Handles were not hefty enough, Fred went to Turkey to find the heavy duty handles to support the weight of these pans. It was a wonderful relationship. When Mauviel opened their USA operation, gone went the special handles and the new designs. When I found that Mauviel USA was selling its copper cookware for the same price that I was mandated to sell it at, I made a decision to cease offering Mauviel Cookware and direct customers to Mauviel USA's website (

French Porcelain (Apilco & Pillivuyt)

Our days of direct importing French Porcelain ended with the opening of USA offices for both Apilco & Pillivuyt. The pricing almost tripled and availability was sketchy at best. I took a number of our designs to Japan, Brazil and China (White Porcelain Only) and was able to get better and faster results at a fraction of the cost. If you have an item that you are looking to be produced, please email me at

Today, we offer the remaining Apilco & Pillivuyt items in our ETSY Store at the following link:

BridgeVintageChina also offers over 300 items that are no longer available here at Bridge Kitchenware. Some of these items include Vintage BakewareCopper ItemsKitchen itemsGlasswareRestaurant ChinaHall ChinaChocolate moldsKnives & Cutting equipmentReplacement Parts


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